The High Performance Leadership Programme


Performance Leadership is a systematic, results oriented approach to management and leadership for high performing organizations, teams and individuals. The approach consolidates the fundamentals of management and leadership within the organization, and then builds on clients’ existing abilities by increasing the rigour, range and effectiveness of their capabilities.

With the right leadership skills businesses can cross the chasm from mere survival to market domination, and individuals can rise from obscurity to become stars in their organizations. However, managers are having a more difficult time crossing the leadership chasm from strong functional manager to talented organizational leader. In modern leadership, continual change, innovation, and risk-taking are called for. The idea of a change event is now an antiquated and quaint notion of a time when managers could introduce change, they must now manage amidst change.

As a participant on the Peakford High Performance Leadership Programme you will have siginificant experience in leadership roles. You should be an experienced senior manager with responsibility for leading others and making important decisions. This programme is suitable if you are going through transitions in your career, whether you are moving up your organisation, experiencing changes within your organisation or you may be moving organisations or changing careers or industries.

Benefits for you.

  • Define your leadership role and the context in which you operate;
  • A clearer understanding of your unique leadership path to successful leadership;
  • Clarity on your sense of purpose as a leader;
  • Ability to develop and lead teams Increased self-knowledge and experience;
  • Familiarity of key practices for sustaining yourself, your teams and your organisation;
  • Confidence to develop the capacity of your company to venture into.

Benefits for your organization.
Develop leaders who can:

  • Develop a mindset to achieve more with less;
  • Drive growth and transformation;
  • Lead others effectively and understand the impact this has on others;
  • See the bigger challenges and demands of the wider organisation;
  • Instigate innovation, lead change and manage complexity.




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